Artist Profile: David Schweizer aka Davey Rocker

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David Schweizer, aka Davey Rocker, is a native Floridian, local musician, musical engineer, and producer. Davey had an early start in his music endeavors and began playing guitar and writing songs at a young age. He has continued writing, playing, and recording original music ever since.
Davey has a longtime connection to the local Florida music scene, not only performing but also collaborating, producing, and recording music out of his own recording studio here in Orlando — Richter Records.
As a solo artist, Davey Rocker has opened for artists such as Collective Soul and Paul Westerberg of the Replacements. Davey, with his original rock band, Princeton’s Guff, also opened for Jethro Tull.

Photo by Jim Leatherman

Davey has collaborated with artists from all walks and genres. He has completed over 30 full-length albums. Their range includes Americana music with Terri Binion, bluegrass with The River Bottom Nightmare Band, funk with Anthony Cole and Kow, rock with Junkie Rush, and rhythm and blues with the Legendary JC’s.
In January 2009, Davey released his first children’s music album, Davey Rocker’s Barnyard Jam, which is now a live puppet musical show that regularly performs at festivals, parties, and charity events in the Central Florida area.
Life on Mars is a new project of Schweizer’s. In Davey’s words: “The band has a classic rock influence but is also inspired by contemporary artists and singer/songwriters. Life on Mars plays a huge range — from Johnny Cash to Led Zeppelin to the Lumineers.”
According to Davey, the Life on Mars name is a tribute to David Bowie. “We are not a David Bowie cover band, but it is a David Bowie reference,” Davey said.
Life on Mars is a collaboration between Davey “Rocker” Schweizer and four other artists. Bob Shiles is on drums and Kevin Stever on bass guitar and accordion. Gary “Doc” Hibbard plays fiddle, mandolin, and guitar. Bunky Garrabrant spices things up with the trumpet and melodica. All five band members sing, which showcases the lush harmonies that make Life on Mars such a unique, standout ensemble.

Photo by Jim Leatherman

Davey also performs as a co-host in IBEX Puppetry’s “Sing Along with the Muppet Movie,” which is an interactive movie experience. (Think Rocky Horror Picture Show— but for kids.)
In addition, Davey created all-original songs and the music score for the film Bad Chicken, released in 2012 by Puppetball Films.
Life on Mars will be performing Thursday, May 24, at The Veranda Live (111 N. Summerlin Ave.)

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