Artist spotlight: Libby Smith

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Though visually impaired, Libby’s paintings are inspired by what she sees every day. (Photo courtesy of L. Smith Studio)

Libby Smith has been a classically trained artist specializing in portraiture and figurative art for over 29 years. She loves to paint in oil and watercolor, but also uses many mediums to express her intentions.

One thing that makes Libby Smith a bit different is that she is visually impaired. She lost most her sight about 15 years ago, yet her work has increased in skill and beauty since.

She is fighting to continue creating and working towards setting up a sculpture/pottery studio before all her vision is completely gone. She is also working on a large show of oil paintings showing September 20th-October 13th at CityArts Factory. This may possibly be her last big show with oils, so she is giving it her all.

She has been told by so many people that her dream is impossible. So if you are wondering, “How can she paint like that?” There is a good answer: there are tiny nose prints all over her work.

She takes commissioned work and sells non-commissioned pieces and prints. Due to the impending loss of sight, she only takes a couple commissions at a time, so get on her calendar quickly if you are interested.


Magical Beings Art Exhibition: That Which Grows from What Was Lost

September 20th-October 13th

CityArts Factory, Magic Gallery

29 S. Orange Ave.

  • Opening Reception: Thursday, September, 20th from 6:00-9:00pm during the Third Thursday Gallery Hop in the Magic Gallery at CityArts Factory.
  • Special Secondary Opening: Saturday, September 29th from 6-9pm. Come watch the talented artist, Jack Void, create beautiful pottery on a wheel while BLINDFOLDED! We will also have musical entertainment to be announced soon. Voter’s Choice for the best dressed fairy. All genders are eligible.


What would you paint if you knew it was your last? Asked this recently, Libby Smith found this question very relevant. She answered, “I painted fairies.”

This show features Libby Smith, a visually-impaired painter facing going completely blind in the near future, who is painting every painting as if it was her last.

Her paintings are celebrating the magic she sees in people every day since she really has never truly seen a landscape and is trying to document the beauty of life and color while it is possible. She is bringing diversity into her series because she wants to emphasize that all people are magical and should be treated like the amazing creatures they truly are.

The proceeds of this show are going toward raising funds for her growth in her new choice of medium which will be sculpture and pottery. She refuses to let the loss of sight hinder her artistic voice.

Experience the magic she sees at this rare exhibition! Free RSVP tickets, as well as donation tickets allowing you to leave a donation of your choice, are available by going to and searching “Magical Beings Art Exhibition.”

Magical Beings is made possible through the generous sponsorship of Lauren Jane Art, Jack Void, Art for All Spaces LLC, Elizabeth Thorington, and many other individual patrons.

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