Brick street repairs funded

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The Thornton Park Neighborhood Association continued its quarterly neighborhood clean-up in conjunction with the Thornton Park Main Street District. Volunteers walked the streets on Nov. 16, picking up cigarette butts, Halloween candy wrappers and the occasional piece of confetti from the Come Out with Pride Parade.

The Neighborhood Association also met on Nov. 11 at the Mayor Langford Park Center where it heard from City Official Lisa Henry, Streets and Stormwater Division manager. Henry gave an update on the repairs to brick streets and answered questions about the streetselection process.

(Thornton Park quarterly clean-up crew meeting at Island Time for refreshment. Photo courtesy Lisa Cuatt)

Henry explained that a one-time bond of $3.5 million was approved for brickstreet repairs. She said the city has rated each street and is repairing the ones most in need. Some streets have planned utility work by Orlando Utility Commission, which will pay for the brick repair on those streets.

The neighborhood association will be putting out their annual holiday luminaries along the sidewalks beginning at 2 p.m. at Leo’s house on Dec. 22.


Correction: The print edition and previous online version of this article state the holiday luminaries were on Dec. 8. They are actually on Dec. 22 and the article has been changed to reflect that.

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