Business Spotlight: Get down with YogaMix – a unique approach to yoga

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This month’s business spotlight will get you up and moving! Gina Bernardini, the owner and one of the instructors of YogaMix (located in Camden Thornton Park building, formerly 420 East Apartments) has been teaching yoga since 2010 – mostly private sessions. Bernardini took the leap into starting her own studio when she brought her husband to her favorite class in Santa Monica, California.

“It was the first studio that I know solely dedicated to doing yoga differently, trading the traditional dark, austere atmosphere for something light in aesthetics and mood,” says Bernardini. “They played great music and their classes are athletic, challenging, sweaty and fun.”

After the class, Bernardini and her husband knew they wanted to bring this lively ambience back to the Orlando community. YogaMix opened with the building and celebrated its third anniversary in January. Bernardini loves Thornton Park, lives a block away from the studio and enjoys the short commute. She says, “Our community is warm, friendly and fun.”



YogaMix is not your average yoga studio. As soon as you walk in, it is a work of art: high ceilings, large windows, a beautiful clean space with lots of plants, pink and custom art. There is a professional Bose sound system, lavender-infused towels, premium B Yoga mats, an air purifier and certified, experienced instructors. It’s more than cosmetic, though; it’s an attitude that extends beyond just being “non-traditional.”

“I didn’t like the fact that most places I’d been to, you could practice next to someone every day for a year, run into them at Publix and still not know their name. That’s just weird,” Bernardini says. “I knew I’d achieved what I set out to do last year when I was just getting ready to teach Saturday morning and popped into the ladies’ room: music booming, beats bumping, but even louder were the sounds of my students talking and laughing with each other before class.”

YogaMix is a yoga boutique with group classes, private yoga and yoga events. Private yoga clients include professional athletes, busy CEOs, stay-at-home Moms, seniors and everything in between. The group classes are dynamic and range from traditional to hybrid with HIIT. The events are truly magical. For example, once a month you can catch a rooftop flow at the Balcony Orlando. They also host a monthly yoga sound battle with DJ Down Dawg. This month’s takes place on May 4.

Bernardini gushes about her team. “You’re only as good as the people who work with you, and I have the best instructors in town,” she says.

Always wanted to try it? Now you can save 50% on your first class during the month of May when you register online at and use the code downtowncp at checkout. Namaste!

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