Business Spotlight: Kelly’s Homemade Ice Cream

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Scott and Kelly Seidl with their daughter, born on the day they signed the lease on the Fern Creek shop.

After moving to Orlando in 2011 with her husband Scott, pediatric nurse Kelly Seidl couldn’t shake the feeling she had growing up working at an ice cream shop in her hometown of Apalachin, New York. The vibe in the shop and the joy she brought to her customers always felt good and she missed it. 

“I just always enjoyed how happy everyone was, co-workers and customers alike,” Kelly said. “It’s really hard to be upset when you’re eating ice cream. It’s a special thing being able to make people happy doing something you love!” 

Kelly’s husband, Scott Seidl, was working as an accountant when she shared her dream of owning an ice cream business. He was on board. 

Starting in their dining room with their first machine, the Seidls taught themselves how to make the frozen treat and tested their recipes on their family and friends. 

“Our family and friends thought we were crazy, but they got a lot of free ice cream back then, so no one was complaining,” Kelly said. 

Scott left his accounting job; Kelly scaled back her nursing career — she still works one night a week in the operating room at a local pediatric hospital — and Kelly’s Homemade Ice Cream was born. After a year of selling at famers markets, the Seidls purchased an ice cream truck. From there, in 2015, they opened their first shop in Audubon Park and a second this year downtown. 

Kelly and Scott pride themselves on creating ice cream flavors that reflect not only the season, but the local community. 

“We love making flavors based on the change of the seasons and collaborating with other small business,” Kelly said. Two flavors representing the community are Pizza Bruno Cannoli and Rock ‘Em Socks. 

“We have an amazing team in our production kitchen…they all have some type of traditional culinary training…who come up with new ideas as well,” Kelly said. “Also, our customers are always offering suggestions and some of our most popular flavors have come from their feedback.” 

The Seidls pride themselves on serving a premium product in a welcoming environment. 

“We used to go out for froyo when we first moved here because it was the only option near us. We would usually spend around $14 for the two of us. When we started we said we wanted to have a great premium product but also a place that a family of four could comfortably come in and get ice cream for under $20,” Kelly said. 

“We also have a great staff who create a warm and friendly atmosphere for all of our customers.” 

Kelly loves making people happy by creating an environment for friends and families to talk and laugh while enjoying their ice cream: “Standing behind the counter and seeing a dining room full of people laughing and spending time together makes me very happy.” 


Kelly’s Homemade Ice Cream is located at 1817 Fern Creek Ave. and 3114 Corrine Drive. 

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