Business Spotlight: Almut Belote Jewelry

Thornton Park’s new jeweler shines bright like a diamond
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Thornton Park had the pleasure of recently welcoming a luxury jewelry designer to their assortment of shops. Almut Belote is the owner and creative designer of Almut Belote Jewelry. Belote comes from Austria, where she started on a very strict training apprenticeship with a master jeweler. After Belote’s master training in Austria, she headed to the Virgin Islands to accept a position in the jewelry business, and that is where she met her husband, who grew up in College Park. They made their way back to College Park several years ago to start and raise their family.

Belote has been making jewelry ever since she got to the United States. It was always a dream of Belote’s to start her own jewelry line and studio, and last year the timing was right. Belote made the leap to open her first studio in Thornton Park in November of 2018 and has been designing beautiful pieces ever since.

One aspect that Belote loves about her many new roles is teaching and passing on her love and knowledge of jewelry making and design. She has brought on two jewelry apprentices: Diamond, an Edgewater High School graduate, and Jerry, a long time local. Under Belote’s leadership they have graduated to “Journeyman” and are well on their way to mastering the skill.

Now let’s talk about the jewelry! Belote’s jewelry designs are truly custom and you will never find a similar piece in the world. Looking at her jewelry, you will instantly notice the high quality and craftsmanship of each piece. The density and the look alone make these pieces one of a kind. One showcase piece was a solid 18-karat gold necklace that took roughly 10 hours to make and is simply stunning.

Another cool feature is that they make the jewelry right in the store. Guests can watch them at work designing and meticulously working on a piece of jewelry. Belote’s passion is designing, but she also does custom work. The store features beautiful stones that customers can choose from and sit down with Belote to speak with her about what they had in mind to create (within reason of course).

If you have a sentimental piece of jewelry that you do not wear anymore and want to repurpose, Belote is your gal!

“I have so many customers that come in for the first time and say they are not a jewelry person, and the next thing you know, they buy one thing after another,” Belote said.

She said it has a lot to do with the fact that they just weren’t liking what they were seeing before. It needs to suit you and your personality.

And to all the men and women who are thinking of making that big step, the studio has stunning engagement rings. Belote has taken the traditional solitary engagement ring and given it a distinctly contemporary look. It is a perfectly unique piece of jewelry for that perfectly unique person in your life.

Shoppers walking by Belote’s store (420 E. Church St., Camden at Thornton Park building), will most likely meet her and the team themselves! Belote is very passionate about her craft and the showpieces are worthy of stopping by and looking at. Or check them out on Instagram or Facebook at Almut Belote Jewelry.

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  1. Almut Belote says:

    Almut, das ist ein wunderbarer Artikel, das wird Dir viele Kunden bringen. Gratulation und weiterhin viel Erfolg !

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