Church Street Main Street District to expand to Parramore

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There’s been lots of talk about the formation of an Orlando Main Streets District in the Parramore area. The Church Street District may be expanded to prepare for this change in the downtown area west of I4.

Rosangela Parker, the newly appointed executive director of the Church Street District, said she will be hiring an associate director to “help guide the Parramore community through the expansion process.” The associate director position will be a paid position.

The city hopes to form a Parramore Main Street District in the coming years to help give an economic boost to the underserved area. Think of the Church Street expansion into the neighborhood as training wheels to get ready for that change.

“I think it’s a segue. I believe the goal of the city is they’d like to [form a Parramore district], but they’ve asked the Church Street District if we are open to expanding, and our expansion would include the Parramore community,” Parker said. “The goal is to help lead that community into a self-sufficient opportunity where, if so they choose, after whatever that period of time is, they can split off and become their own.”

The associate director will be part of the Church Street District but will have a primary focus on the Parramore community. The proposed expansion will be voted on by the city council in October.

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