Dining Deals with Summertime Savings Appeal

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Woohoo…it is vacation time! Yes, yes, let us digress, into a relaxing time without stress. Are you going to Disney, the Bahamas, getting all fancy in Paris, maybe the Great White North… eh, or just staying and playing in the heart of the City Beautiful? The destination really doesn’t matter, as long as you aren’t playing the role of the Mad Hatter when you are rapidly seeing those discretionary dollars scatter. So… let us then share a little chatter about great dining deals that will ensure your wallets stay just a wee bit fatter while celebrating life is good in our collective neighborhood.

Maxine and I have often been asked about our participation in dining promotions at a special savings to you, our guests. Yes… we do like to provide deals as we appeal to your desires of epicurean treats, and there are three major summertime promotions in which we like to participate. When a restaurant offers a dining package, whether it be a three-course meal, a prix fixe, beverage pairings, or a show discount…yes, it is about putting you in our seats, first of all. However, it is often getting you back a second time, after which you have chimed in on the great experience. The seasonal cost of lettuce, lobster, shiitake mushrooms, prime Angus beef, a broken AC unit, or leaky roof doesn’t care when we dial in a special offering. This is for you. We want you to know how much you mean to us for getting on the bus, and giving us your trust…so move forward we must. Okay…enough of this diatribe as Maxine tells me enough with this jive…now let’s talk about three amazing summertime savings in which will allow you to savor the flavor here in Orlando.

BITE:30 – June

This promotion has been picking up a lot of steam over the last few years. It is brought to you by the Orlando Weekly and features up to 30 restaurants annually in the Orlando area giving a three-course meal for $30! That can be the price of a singular entrée on a regular basis, but you get three as we all agree to offer extraordinary savings. You will find such downtown zip code faves as Greg Ritchies’ SOCO, The Stubborn Mule, Stir, Ka-booki, the Strand, and of course, Maxine’s on Shine. The Rusty Spoon’s Chef Kathleen Blake adds, “Bite:30 is a great opportunity to introduce new guests to our menu. It also provides us a great opportunity to try out new menu offerings and see how they are received.” Look, we all know we are gonna spend a lot of dollars on water slides or parasailing or aloe rubs for that sunburn, so let this promotion be prevailing when you are a waiving to your next grub luv treat.

Restaurant Week – August

Okay, so this one that is featured by the Main Streets program across the country hasn’t laid out its exact plans, but you can be sure it will appeal to your dining demands. Though it is called restaurant week, it is normally run for the first two weeks of August. Doesn’t everyone want that? Summer vacations are ending, kids are going back to school, the rain hasn’t stopped here for like 90 days, and we all need a retreat of the eat. You will find some of your favorite restaurants in your main street area offering significant savings and great food to put you in a great mood. You do the homework, and let us know what you find.

Magical Dining – September

If you haven’t taken advantage of this, you, well…we guess Swanson’s frozen TV dinners are more your thing. Brought to you by the folks at VisitOrlando, one of the premier concierges of all that is Orlando, this is a dining deal month institution. There will be close to 100 restaurants in the Greater Orlando area that offer a three-course meal at a 30 percent savings for approximately $35 dollars and a portion of all proceeds go to local charities. As Jason Shinn of Reyes Mezcaleria & Baldwin Park’s Seito Sushi and Osprey Tavern says, “I believe these programs are very valuable to the restaurant community. They encourage diners to visit establishments they haven’t tried yet, and their spending benefits local charities.” It doesn’t matter what part of Orlando you are in, what you are hungry for, or the environment you wish to spend time in…it’s all here. Perfect timing, too, as we all start to crunch our dollars for the upcoming holidays. Find new places, revisit some of your faves, and go explore the extraordinary foodie landscape that is our city!

As Maxine says, “These promotions aren’t about just about Groupon or BOGO or whatever the latest flavor-of-the-day deal is. Coupon clippers need not apply. These are about relationships that your favorite places are looking to build and say thank you. Let all of us entice you to return visits while keeping it local.” We all want you to have a great summer and we look forward to treating you soon with downtown dining deals and summertime appeal.

Please contact us at info@maxinesonshine.com with topics you would like us to cover. PS… Maxine’s on Shine was just named “Best Neighborhood Restaurant” and “Best Kept Secret” as well as a top three finish for “Best Brunch” and “Best Live Entertainment” in the 2018 Orlando Magazine Dining Awards…We’d love to see, feed, and celebrate life is good in the neighborhood with you!

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