Downtown star gets energy-efficient makeover

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It’s December, which means holiday decorations are appearing all around downtown. One of these decorations is a 600-pound star on Orange Avenue, and it underwent a makeover this year.

The Jack Kazanzas Star has been a fixture in downtown for over 50 years. Two department stores situated across the street from each other decided to work together to hang a Christmas star between the two stores in the ’50s. Both Ivey’s and Dickson & Ives have since closed, but thanks to Jack Kazanzas, the late Orlando resident and star’s namesake, the star shines on. He raised money not once, but twice to revitalize the star.

Now, in 2018, it has undergone another revitalization. According to the City of Orlando, the star has been upgraded this year with new exterior panels, new LED lighting that can change color and intensity, and new wiring.

According to the City of Orlando, these upgrades will have a positive environmental impact with an estimated 86 percent reduction of electricity used by the star. This will lower the city’s greenhouse gas emissions as much as driving a car 6,749 fewer miles this year.

The star can be seen on the corner of Orange Avenue And Central Boulevard and was raised on November 18.

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