Eola General looks to continue Handy Pantry legacy

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As many have heard, the beloved Handy Pantry located in Lake Eola Heights neighborhood shut it doors in September. It was a long-standing neighborhood market for over 80 years. It was a place where neighbors could meet, grab a quick bite to eat, or grab some milk on the go. When the news spread that the current owners could no longer sustain the business, concerns grew rapidly from the locals. The residential market is in such high demand, and Eola Heights residents were worried that it would be demolished and used for residential home purposes.

Well, concerned locals can breathe a sigh of relief! It has been announced that the store will continue to be a gathering place for the downtown community. The new name will be Eola General, and it will be a general store for the modern day.

“We will be keeping the integrity of the original Handy Pantry that we all knew and loved, but with a little more local flavor and refinement,” Sean Kelley, one of the new owners of Eola General, said. “Look forward to seeing a curated wine/beer program, quality coffee, fresh produce, vegan options, and a few more big surprises by local, small biz vendors. Our goal is to revitalize this space into something super cool while still keeping it accessible and convenient.”

Kelley said management is open to community input.

“The wants and needs of our fellow Eola Heights neighbors are extremely important. This is our home,” she said. “We plan to keep an open dialogue with the neighborhood and are super open to requests and ideas, so feel free to reach out and brainstorm with us!”

With that being said, please head to our Facebook page: Downtown Community Paper Orlando. We will have a poll set up so the new owners can hear straight from you. Share with them what you would like to see in your new neighborhood market.

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