Lake Lawsona / Fern Creek Neighborhood Association

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The Lake Lawsona/Fern Creek Neighborhood Association (LLFCNA) congratulates the Milk District for organizing “The Milky Way,” an event that highlighted many of the businesses within our neighboring commercial district on June 14.

We joined representatives from Thornton Park in a meeting with Orlando City Commissioner Patty Sheehan to learn about the history of Orlando House Authority’s (OHA) Reeves Terrace Apartments. These apartments are located in the Lake Lawsona/Fern Creek Neighborhood.

The City of Orlando has worked with OHA and the residents over the years to make improvements to this community and to help provide services, like after school programs.

There are potential funding changes by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development that will impact this community in the years ahead, and both LLFCNA and Thornton Park are working to stay informed on how this might impact housing for the residents of our community.

We held our first organizational meeting for the 2020 “Private Gardens of Orlando featuring the Lake Lawsona/ Fern Creek Neighborhood” and are beginning to work on this event. Residents of our neighborhood that would like to showcase their backyard gardens are encouraged to attend our July 9 association meeting to sign up and participate for this April 2020 event. The meeting will be held at the Langford Park Community Center at 1808 E. Central Blvd beginning at 6:30 p.m.

The June LLFCNA Newsletter will be e-mailed out to residents that have registered online with the Association and will be available within our neighborhood Facebook group and on our Nextdoor page soon.

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