Lawsona/Fern Creek aims to expand membership, increase events

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The Lawsona/Fern Creek Neighborhood began the year at their first quarterly meeting on Jan. 8 by reviewing all of their accomplishments from the previous year. A handsome neighborhood sign was installed at the intersection of Thornton Avenue, Brown Avenue, and South Street. Street sign toppers reading “Lake Lawsona Historic District” were installed at over 30 intersections throughout the portion of the neighborhood that is protected by the Historic District.

Vivian Ward led a group of residents from this neighborhood and Thornton Park to place the Lake Lawsona Historic District on the National Register of Historic Places, which has been approved by the city and state, and is awaiting federal approval. They were not able to hold their bi-annual Garden Tour due to Hurricane Irma and three freezes that all took their toll on their gardens. Membership in the Lake Lawsona Fern Creek Neighborhood Association, which costs $25 per year, doubled in size in 2018. Annual events included park clean-ups, cleaning and decorating the historic Washington Street Bridge, and several fun “porch prowl” parties.

This year, the group plans on growing their membership, hosting more events, and working with the Milk District on their eastern border. They will have a clean-up of Lake Lawsona on March 2, starting around 9 a.m., and all are welcome to help!

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