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Here in the heart of Central Florida, something is stirring. Birthed in the magical city of Orlando, a new song has sprung. In fact, it’s more than a song — it’s an opera! Opera del Sol begins the next grand chapter of the performing arts, arguably bridging the evolutionary leap longed for by the worlds of opera and theater.

Established in the mind of Founder and Executive Director Nicole Dupré, Opera del Sol manifested from her adoration for all things Orlando and her love for opera.

Having labored for nearly a decade in various capacities within the world of the performing arts, Dupré imagined, believed and then conceived a way of facilitating opera for a 21st-century audience.

The mission of Opera del Sol is to lift the art form beyond the opera house and over the walls of the concert hall and deliver it straight to a multigenerational and multiethnic audience via Central Florida’s most cherished structures. Timeless classics will be reimagined, and modern gems will be unearthed to serve the imaginations of opera lovers the world over and produce generations of opera lovers for many years to come.

Opera del Sol endeavors to be a resonant voice in Central Florida’s artistic community, be it through partnerships with likeminded nonprofits and performing arts institutions in the area or via outreach programs that expose Central Florida youth to the wonders of the performing arts.

The future of opera in Orlando is bright.

2 responses to “Music Profile: Opera del Sol”

  1. Lee says:

    This is absolutely wonderful! What a fantastic idea? I wish Opera Del Sol the very best in their pursuits. I know I’ll be looking out for their productions.

  2. Kavita says:

    What a beautiful couple. I never got into opera, but I think I might look for this company’s productions. I like their emphasis on diversity. I always felt or assumed opera was for a certain class of people.

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