Paranormal investigators

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It’s happened to everyone. You’re home alone and hear an unfamiliar noise or see a shadow that makes you pause and stare longer than usual.

For paranormal investigator Melissa Tanner, getting to the bottom of these occurrences is her passion. Tanner and her spouse, Tracey Tanner, are co-owners of TnT Paranormal Investigators LLC and, through which they and their team of investigators educate people on all things paranormal.

Tanner credits volunteers for their dedication over the last eight years of maintaining a successful organization. TnT does not charge clients anything.

“You’ve got to have a love for this if you’re doing it for free. So, I think what we give [potential clients] is a place to go to, and we’re stable.”

In her career, Tanner has received nearly 30 potential cases in the Central Florida area alone, with 20 of those leading to actual investigations.

Although TnT has debunked 80 to 90 percent of claims — finding causes behind the scratching on the walls or the spooky shadows inside the house — Tanner said she has handled multiple cases in which a spirit was present.

In these situations, TnT takes a respectful and conversational approach. Tanner’s favorite question to ask the spirit is “What’s your favorite pie?”

“We will never provoke. If it were your grandma I was trying to talk to, would she come and talk to me if I’m being nasty, or would she maybe talk to me if I’m being polite?”

Tanner said that too often television shows scare people into believing that the paranormal is evil. Tanner and other investigators argue that demonic cases are extremely rare. Most of the occurrences with spirits, Tanner said, are nothing to be afraid of.

People who come to TnT scared, curious or skeptical can witness the team engaged in electronic voice phenomenon (EVP) sessions and will receive photos and videos that TnT has analyzed. TnT then gives the client the chance to determine what they hear or see.

“We are there to try to help you find answers and to try to help if something is there and give it a voice that it’s never had before,” Tanner said.

Tanner asks people not to be afraid to reach out to paranormal investigators if they have experienced any strange phenomena and are curious about the paranormal.

“You’ve got to get control of your own mind,” Tanner said. “We find a lot of times our clients, once we’ve done an investigation, have peace of mind, and a lot of times the activity slows down. Now they get it, even if it’s just understanding the paranormal better.”

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