People of O-Town: Alejandro “Lucky” Queris at Lowbrow Art Productions, LLC

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Alejandro “Lucky” Queris works on a new art piece in his tattoo shop, Lowbrow Art Productions. (Photo courtesy of @lowbrowstudio on Instagram)

At first glance, a tattoo seems like an everyday sight — an accessory — but, for tattoo artist Alejandro “Lucky” Queris, tattoos are more than just an accessory; they’re a story.

“Everyone gets tattooed for different reasons,” Queris said. “When you are given the chance to help someone get through a rough time or to help heal someone psychologically, that is when the tattooing process becomes even more rewarding.”

Queris, 49, born and raised in Orlando, said that, as a child he was always fascinated by tattoos. So as soon as he turned 18, the collection began. Now, Queris has lost count of the numerous images enticed into his skin.

“I’ve been drawing and interested in art since before I could write my name, so, after I began collecting them, it seemed like everyone I knew would ask why I didn’t tattoo,” Queris said. “After hearing it so much, I asked myself the same question and then set out to learn, which has turned out to be quite the adventure.”

Interest led to inspiration, and Queris opened his own tattoo shop, Lowbrow Art Productions LLC, in 2013. The setting at Lowbrow mirrors that of the art created inside: unique and special. The studio is inside a house built in the 1920s: clean, comforting and inviting. Queris said that he liked the location because it didn’t have the intimidating aura of a doctor’s or a dentist’s office.

“I believe the homey setup of the studio puts people at ease and allows for more personal interactions with everyone that visits,” Queris said.

Lowbrow Art Productions puts customers at ease with a homey and personal setup inside of a house built in the 1920s. (Photo by Annabelle Sikes)

However, as the building grows older and expenses increase, Queris said that he has decided to continue his adventure in a new location, the Holey Rabbit, which will be located in the Milk District. Queris said he hopes the new location will attract a variety of clientele from all walks of life.

Queris said deciding which is his favorite tattoo was difficult.

“I don’t really have one,” Queris said. “It’s like asking, ‘Who’s your favorite child?’”

Queris said that although tattooing has been a wonderful trade that has taken care of him for over 20 years, his interest in art can’t possibly be contained in tattooing alone, as it is a fairly limited medium.

“There is no possible way to tattoo many of the images I create with charcoal, pastels, paints and even digital media — not to mention three-dimensional art, music, photography and video,” Queris said.

Tattoo design at Lowbrow.
(Photos courtesy of @lowbrowstudio on Instagram)

Whether it be the giddy excitement from a first tattoo or a sentimental project followed with cries of relief, Queris said that he is and will continue to be grateful for the tattoo trade and how it brings a sense of accomplishment to him and others every day.

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