People of O-Town: The Royal Reflections

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Three of the nine children of the Rhea household make up the Royal Reflections, a three-part harmony of singers who frequent Lake Eola.

The three brothers who make up Royal Reflections are each two years apart. Victorious (22), Revelation (20) and Vision Rhea (18) hopped around during their childhood, living in California and Georgia before ending up in Orlando. They were homeschooled growing up, which they say brought them closer together and gave them more time to practice their hobbies.

“It really helped our relationship as brothers because we basically were each other’s best friends growing up because we did that for so many years,” Victorious said. “We all had similar interests because we like to listen to music; we would follow music and stuff like that. Our whole family is mostly musical, so homeschooling definitely helped out in that area of creativity.”

The name Royal Reflections was dubbed by their father and they’ve kept the name ever since. The three brothers didn’t grow up singing in a group; it began after they moved to Orlando. Revelation said they set up at the Icon on I-Drive a lot because they can plug their instruments in, and it’s always busy because of the tourists. They also enjoy singing at Lake Eola Park during big events.

“The culture of Downtown is just amazing. The culture from International — and then you go all the way to Downtown Orlando, and it’s a whole different story,” Revelation said. “You have people that give you more respect, and we don’t even have all our equipment out here. We show more of a performance on I-Drive, but, just in an acapella setting and acoustics, the respect level is higher.”

Pop and R&B covers are their bread and butter, but they’ve also written some originals. They said they were inspired by a more famous trio of brothers: the Jonas Brothers. They grew up watching Jonas, a TV show which aired on the Disney Channel and starred the famous trio.

“We could see their bond on the TV, and it was an inspiration for us. We said ‘Hey, we’re three brothers,’” Revelation said. “And, at that moment, it wasn’t really a music thing we had going on at that time. It was kind of just like the relationship of being brothers.”

The Royal Reflections are planning to release an EP of their original music by the end of the year (and maybe even a Christmas album.) Find them on Facebook and Instagram by searching Royal Reflections.


Correction: An earlier version of this article stated the Royal Reflections were three of six siblings, there are actually nine Rhea siblings. They also did not spend a considerable amount of time in Wisconsin, so that was removed.

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