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Terry Godbey is one of my favorite poets in the world, and she happens to live in Orlando. She speaks truth in a gloriously giving way. Selected by Susan Lilley.


Let the night enter you,
its cool vapors,
scarf of muted voices,
blues from a radio
through the open window.

Let the night fill you,
inhale it like the cigarettes you stole
when you were young
and unafraid,
for nothing is sadder
than your dim eyes,
your lavender dress floating to the floor.

Let the night consume you,
the pale moon
like the only man you will ever love,
dancing alone every midnight,
the stars smoothing
their white skirts, waiting.
You hold your breath and wish:
Choose me.

Terry Godbey of Orlando has published four poetry collections: “Hold Still,” “Beauty Lessons,” “Behind Every Door,” and “Flame.” A winner of the Rita Dove Poetry Award, Terry is also a wildlife and nature photographer.

Susan Lilley is Orlando’s Poet Laureate and the author of “Venus in Retrograde”, forthcoming from Burrow Press in April 2019

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