Swan City and the City Beautiful

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If there were two things Andrew Chang liked the most, it would have to be swans and Orlando. That would be apparent to anyone—it’s right there, on his t-shirt.

Chang started the “Swan City” t-shirt business last year after feeling compelled to give Orlando residents something with which they can show their love for the city. Recently, his business has expanded to shirts, hats, blankets, totes, coffee mugs and more. Each item he designs is relevant to the many different Main Street Districts in Orlando, such as Ivanhoe Village, Thornton Park, Church Street and the Milk District.

“Snarky, punchy humor is our brand’s identity and the one thing that most people remember about us,” Chang said. “We try to infuse simple design with local flavor and a dash of wit.”

With designs like, ‘Will Work out for Lazy Moon,’ ‘Orlando Horror Story: My Tourist Nightmare’ and ‘Eat, Sleep, Wall Street, Repeat,’ Chang brandishes slogans that are sure to catch an Orlandoan’s eye, while also giving residents a sense of ownership toward their city.

Chang, originally from the space coast, always dreamed of living in a big city. At first, he wanted to escape Central Florida altogether, as Orlando wasn’t big enough for him. While Chang attended UCF, he hoped to move to a bustling city like New York City. But as Orlando grew, so did his love for the community.

It helps, of course, that The City Beautiful loves him back.

“We get quite the kick out of just talking with our customers and other local Orlandoans whenever we pop-up around town,” Chang said. “Our city has started to buzz with pride in the last couple of years and we are so happy to be a part of that, talk with others about it and get more ideas from people wanting the next shirt or design to be where they live or shop or eat.”

Currently, Swan City only offers its products online. However, Chang and his associates regularly make pop-up visitations around the city, selling their products in markets and on the street during events. Swan City’s next pop-up event will be on Nov. 18 at the Orlando Flea market.

Chang said that with their “endless” amounts of ideas going into the business, along with the input of residents, his experience has been a great one. He added that there are big plans in the works to help man Swan City a staple to Orlando.

“Just a big, fat thank you to everyone out there that has supported this crazy idea we had call Swan City. With little over a year under our swan belt the reception has been truly a dream,” Chang concluded.

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