The city made beautiful by those who live here

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This month’s edition highlights many interesting events in

Downtown Orlando, showcasing the passion and the dedication residents have for this community.

The Lawsona/Fern Creek Neighborhood Association is already planning its private-gardens tour for next year; the Thornton Park Neighborhood Association has chosen the neighborhood’s “Yard of the Season”; local artists have been beautifying Orlando with incredible murals that have historical significance; and Orlando has just become a Certified Wildlife Habitat thanks to the commitment of the residents who made it happen.

People don’t simply live Downtown — they work hard to make it better.

An intriguing new initiative is happening in Eola Heights right now. The neighborhood association has begun a campaign to come up with a neighborhood flag representing their historic area.

I love this idea. How great would it be for every neighborhood in Orlando to have its own flag? The Eola Heights Neighborhood Association did research and found other communities all over the country that have adopted their own “brand.” If you have an artistic flare, I hope you’ll consider submitting a design.

Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July!

Speaking of giving back to the community, we’ve started introducing you to our team of DCP contributors online. Our first “Meet the Contributor” features Logan Lamphere, a resident of Thornton Park. Logan has been writing for the paper pretty much since we started in 2017 and is so passionate about where he lives — so much so that he and his husband Kevin renovated their 1924 bungalow, keeping the true integrity of the home’s original historic elements.

You can find Logan’s profile on Facebook in the “Videos” section. Be sure to follow us on social @ otownpaper so you can meet our next month’s featured contributor.

We are excited to introduce a new section this month: Word from the Commissioner. The three city commissioners whose districts cover Downtown — Patty Sheehan, Regina Hill and Robert Stuart — have agreed to give readers an update on their district on a quarterly rotation.

Commissioner Stuart brings this month’s update. His district covers the North Quarter and Park Lake areas downtown.

Thank you for your continued support and readership. We love your feedback, so drop us a message anytime. We are also beyond grateful for the support of our advertisers. Without them, this community paper would not be possible, so be sure to thank them with your business when you can.

Enjoy celebrating this Independence Day! What a gift we have been given to live in the land of the free.

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