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Greenery Creamery business spotlight, Plants and paint beautify Washington Street

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TPD business spotlight: The Greenery Creamery

Half of Greenery Creamery’s products are dairy free, and one of their goals as a business is to introduce customers to a plant-based diet. (Photo by S.T. Cardinal)

The Greenery Creamery makes unique ice-cream flavors like rosemary sage, orange blossom pistachio and goat cheese with raspberry swirl. They also offer vegan options. The ice cream shop below Camden Thornton Park at 420 East Church Street was founded on three principles: sustainability, co-existence and community.

Made with locally sourced milk and cream, their ice cream takes 24 to 72 hours to create from start to finish. The cups, spoons and trash bags are biodegradable. The owners believe that it’s the responsibility of every business to develop a sustainability plan for the wellbeing of the neighborhood.

The Greenery Creamery believes in co-existence, and they said it’s the reason why half the options are dairy, and the other half are vegan. They offer gluten-free, dairy-free and traditional ice cream. Their staff aims to introduce non-vegans to plant-based ice cream options and even transition into plant-based diets.

They invite the community into their space. They’ve collaborated with bakeries, non-profits, businesses and organizations from around Central Florida.

One of the most common questions asked of the staff is why the ice creams come in so many colors and if the intent was to make the ice cream as “Instagrammable” as possible. The owner said in one way, yes, but the main goal was to make a social impact in the community with their ice cream. They created the Pride Cone and gave $1 from every purchase to the Zebra Coalition. They hope to continue the tradition of the Pride Cone every year.


Plants and paint beautify Washington Street

On June 4, Thornton Park District (TPD) unveiled a new mural located at Burton’s on Washington Street. The date was chosen because it was the 100th anniversary of the United States Congress granting women the right to vote. The 19th Amendment was ratified on Aug. 18, 1920.

The TPD design team approached artist Kristi Hamby and her group “What Is She Painting?” (WISP). We thought it appropriate that a group of all-women artists be the ones to create this mural. The mural highlights two women who were significant in the suffrage movement in Orlando: Dr. Mary McLeod Bethune and Florida Senator Beth Johnson. The design was inspired by a quote by Johnson found in the Orlando Sentinel in the 1950s.

Pedestrians and drivers on Washington Street may have noticed these new planters popping up. This initiative by the Thornton Park Main Street District aims to beautify the street and discourage littering. (Photo by Lisa Cuatt)

“At times their contribution may have been decisive, as other times only reiterative. In some cases the League may have planted the seed; in some it only added water or fertilizer. Sometimes we may have done a little needed plowing and harrowing; at other times, transplanting or grafting was in order. Some plants bloom quickly, and others, like the century plant — and revision of the United State Constitution — take years of faithful work before they flower.”

Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer and City Commissioner Patty Sheehan did the honors of introducing the artists and applauding the 100-year anniversary of women’s voting rights. Dyer and Sheehan each signed the mural themselves, too.

The Thornton Park District is beyond excited about the new planters being installed by the City of Orlando on Washington Street. After many years of trying to encourage plants to grow in the tree wells, the decision was made to install planters. The planters will also hopefully encourage our residents and guests to not use these areas as an ashtray or a potty break for their pets. The plants that the city chose are also pollinators, which will encourage a strong bee presence.

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